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To me this is a complicated question. My ex husband and I

Customer Question

To me this is a complicated question. My ex husband and I have 3 children. I have been receiving child support we have a 50/50 custody arrangement. Unfortunately in the past year things changed and one of my children no longer resides with me but only
comes to visit but sleeps at her dad's house. The other 2 continue on the 50/50 schedule. He is now petitioning the court to modify the support agreement. While I know and understand it is in his right to do so. After reading the body of the letter I am gravely
concerned that I am going to be losing all support for all of the children. That is also why my ex has told me but I hold that to no weight as my ex loves to play emotional games. He is a lawyer and knows how to play the game and does it very well. In the
Body of the form I recieved it states. "That since the entry of the said Order the circumstances have changed, namely HM resides with Defendant and MM and GM reside with the defendant 50 percent and Plantiff 50 percent. As a result Defendant SM is entitled
to support from Plaintiff, KM. " Does this mean I am going to lose ALL of my child support? and then have to pay HIM? OR does it mean they kind of break it down and separate it to say ok 2 children are 50/50 therefore she would get X amount of dollars. the
other child she would have to pay him X amount of dollars and then recalculate what I get based on that. I have looked on the PA child support web site and TRIED to plug in the numbers. But I am easily confused on some of what they are asking. I dont know
what he pays in health insurance for the children. Child Care is about according to him, 1000.00. I dont need child care as my work schedule is made around the kids need for me to be home. The salary discrepancy is fairly large. He makes upwards of 200K a
year and last year I made about 25K. I hope I have been clear in my explanation and given you information that helps in your answers. THank you so much for your information and guidance in how I begin to prepare for the upcoming hearing and changes that are
going to happen as well as understand the process better. Yes I do have a lawyer but she is not available at the moment until the weekend is over. I have learned in controling those demons in my head from getting out of hand getting other opinions and information
help in the battle against an EX husband that love to play the game. Again thank you I look forward to your reply Sincerely Karen
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your reply.

It means he is going to try to get support from you because he has residential custody of the one child and the other two are 50-50, but the reason you were awarded support to begin with is the significant difference in your incomes and it is for that reason he is not very likely to get any support. The disparity in income still exists and he is trying to bully and scare you to think you would have to pay him support, when he makes 8 times more than you make, but courts do not see it that way. The courts will consider the fact there is such a large disparity in income and are likely not going to change the support payment on that ground, but even if they do all they would do is reduce it for the one child, not make you pay him support.