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Law Educator, Esq.
Law Educator, Esq., Lawyer
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Dear Judge, I am going through a messy divorce, and my x

Customer Question

Dear Judge,
I am going through a messy nasty divorce, and my x husband is a pathological lier, a narcicist, mentally abusive and physically abusive, and has gobs of millions of dollars...anywhere from 150M to 500 M is my gut feeling. He is greedy and selfish, and a Judge friend referred to me as destitute, and he is a son of a bitch. He is manipulating the courts and lies to attorneys, and basically everyone so that he can control and manipulate.
It has gotten so bad, that for the past 5 years I have been trying to defend myself against his buddy friends at a 4.5 billion dollar hedge fund, where he lied to their attorneys, to fabricate a story so that he doesn't pay his ex-wife child support, and I am unable to go on the offense to get child support for me and my 5 and 7 year old who have been living with me for the 90 % of their lives.
I was not well defended because my x would say that he would pay for my attorneys, and that he was so sorry I was dragged into this (his master plan) morally repugnant lawsuit. Because I am an optimist, I always believe people come from goodness in their heart. Sadly, I now see the reality much more clearly, and I see that he will do anything and everything to hurt me, and he will stop at nothing to hurt our kids. He is a sociopath, and he needs an intervention with his drug use, drinking, and domestic violence history on me and on your kids.
He has abducted our kids recently, and did egregious things to them in a remote cabin (our kids told me of the abuse when I saw them after he was forced to bring them back to Orange Country, where the original court case was filed, and where we must finalize our custody and settlement arrangements). Sadly, he has fabricated a story to steal them forever from their mother, based on lies he paid a witness to write up. I do not have other passports, and I have abided by court orders to my demise and for the safety of my kids.
I need help to stop the train wreck he has planned for me. My kids are suffering, and they are currently out of school, and out of state, and I am very concerned for the welfare of our kids.
I have a court date on October 30th, where my accounting is due, and I have retained a forensic accountant and a civil attorney to defend me in the erroneous allegations. I still am feeling very vulnerable, because last time I was in front of this civil Judge, he did not believe me that I gave 20 k to my attorney to show up, which he did not, and in fact, my civil attorney gave false information to the Judge, stating that I signed a substitution of attorney on July 27th. This is not even a possibility, because I was not even in the country on that date, and when I came back to the USA on Aug 3rd, to see my children and be reunited with them, per the existing court orders where I have them 90 % go the time, (and my x said he would meet us for the custody exchange at 6 PM on August 4th, he did a no show), my civil attorney asked me for 20k around that time, and yet he did not even show up for the contempt hearing (that he said would be postponed because he was going on vacation) where he had already given accounting to the civil judge, but which I learned from the Judge that he did not believe me that I was on a trip, and he took the photoshopped substitution of attorney form my then civil attorney presented to the cilvil Judge, as fact.
I am honest to a fault, and yet, I cannot disprove a negative, and it seems that no one even wants to believe factual evidence.
I am being framed, and my x is paying millions to attorneys to have his mastermind plan come to reality. My kids are suffering, and I am suffering, and the light needs to come out.
I would like to not stipulate to this judge because he is not believing me, and I should not be jailed for accounting which was produced by my cicil attorney he felt was adequate, and then after he asked for more money, I gave him more money, and then he did not even show up to represent me, and he lied to the Judge.
Everything I do can be verified. I am an open book, and justice must be served. Because I am continueally attacked, it has been hard for me to go on the offense, to shine light on the x for what he has done, and for what he has masterminded.
I need your help to advise me on what I can do to stop this madness.
Thank you,
Kind regrads,
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 1 year ago.

Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.

Unfortunately, what you are describing above must be brought into the court and proven through your own witnesses and you producing evidence in the court of your allegations. If you cannot afford an attorney to represent you in court, which you will need given the circumstances described above, you will need to go to the local legal aid office and/or call the CA bar and ask for their pro bono family law attorneys in the area where you reside to represent you.

The one issue many pro se litigants (representing themselves) face is that they many times have valid evidence, but because they do not follow the CA Rules of Evidence and CA rules of Civil Procedure the evidence cannot be considered by the courts. So you need to have a local attorney to make sure the evidence and witnesses you have is properly presented to the court in accordance with the proper rules so the court can consider it.

If you have proof of abuse of the children, that needs to be reported to Child Protection immediately as they have to investigate those allegations.

As far as child support, any child support due you can be pursued by you contacting your local child support enforcement office, which can represent parents who cannot afford an attorney to assist in getting child support due to them (

These are the steps you need to take to get your proper day in court to present your evidence to show your ex's conduct to the judge to get your justice.