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My son and daughter in law Megan had my granddaughter one

Customer Question

My son and daughter in law Megan had my granddaughter one year ago, at the time my daughter in law was diagnosed with depression and anxiety problems and mentioned this to her health provider that she was having PPD thoughts and believed she should tell someone, this all happened in Georgia where my son and daughter were living, the department of child and family welfare were called in and since then things have gone in my opinion from bad to worse. My wife and I live in IL and were told that the state of Georgia decided that my granddaughter could not live with her mom and dad because of the PPD, now keep in mind my daughter was at the time very ill not only from the PPD but she also had stomach problems, as did my granddaughter who was having eating problems and couldn't keep down most formulas, my son was trying to take care of his wife, their daughter, go to school, and work all at the same time, not the best way to start out fatherhood. My daughters parents lived in FL just south of my son and agreed to watch my granddaughter while Megan was ill, this is where things started going strange and where we weren't kept aware of what was happening, before we knew it the state of GA decided my granddaughter should be put into temporary custody of Megans parents, when I asked about this I was told that it was only until Megan got better and my son and her could take full care of her, at first this seemed ok to us but since then Megans parents have filed for full custody and are even talking about adopting my granddaughter, and I can't get a clear idea of what is happening, we were never ok with any full custody and I know my son would not be in favor of this, I'm at wits end because I feel we should have been involved in these decisions from the start and now were being told that my granddaughter can't travel with my son and daughter to come see us, and when two of my sisters went to visit they were told they couldn't see there niece. Something is not right with this picture and when we bring it up to Megans mom she gets very defensive and has told us we have nothing to say about it. I guess my question is should we get a lawyer or should my son? Confused in IL
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  N Cal Attorney replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for your question.

The answer is Yes, it definitely sounds like your son needs an attorney.

He can get a free consultation from some of the child custody attorneys listed by location here.

I hope this information is helpful.