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I went to court last month and the judge said both lawyers

Customer Question

I went to court last month and the judge said both lawyers were not prepared and ordered us to come back in October, so again we went to court in Oct and the judge stated he did not review the case and did not listen to anything we had to say and before storming of the stand he had said I need to pay my ex $3200 I have 50/50 custody and need to maintain my own household for my 2 children who are ages 7 and 9, my income a month is $6800 on top of the support he ordered another $1600 a month for attorney's fees how can this be possible my rent alone is $2950 not including my household bills, without listening or looking at any thing in the case how can he order 75% of my pay and make it impossible to keep my household afloat for the 50% of the time that I have my children, the order for the $1600 was dated and signed by the clerk on the 6th of October and our court date wasn't until the 8th how does that work and was not postmarked until the 12th,again without reviewing the case. and those are the judges words that he did not review. My ex has had 3 jobs (all less than part time) since the split up in July 2014 and is refusing to work , what can I do? Help!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

I suggest you consider an Appeal of the final court order. Once that is issued and time stamped by the court, you can begin by filing the Notice of Appeal. A Notice of Appeal is the form you file in superior court to let the court know that you intend to appeal.

Once that is done, I suggest you would want to consult with a local attorney to help address the issues of the lower court that are bases for the appeal. You will also need to order the transcript from the court reporter. So you can check with the clerk of the court when you file the Notice to Appeal. Costs for the transcripts vary - but generally are $4 to $5 per page.