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Amber E.
Amber E., Family Law Attorney
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I went to family court support. This is the second time my

Customer Question

I went to family court for child support. This is the second time my case has been adjourned by the magistrate. It doesn't appear that she is familiar with handling a case in which two parties are working. She questioned me about my work hours when I requested support for child care services and after school for my son. And when I wanted my son's father, son is 12 yrs, to help pay for tennis lessons. Should I hire a lawyer to come with me to court to make it understood that these are reasonable requests?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Amber E. replied 2 years ago.

Hello, thank you for your question.

Because child support is based on the income of BOTH parents and calculated in accordance with strict guidelines (which in the case of NY can be found here), the court generally does inquire about each parent's income and work hours. When it comes to specific expenses, such as childcare and extra-curricular activities, the court tends to look closely at the necessity as well as the reasonableness in terms of cost of the expense, especially when the other parent presents a case against it. Therefore, when the parents disagree, it certainly can be helpful to have an attorney to present a persuasive case as to why child care for children 12 years or older and lessons (e.g. tennis, piano, dance) are in the child's best interest and why the other parent should be ordered to at least contribute to those costs.