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Ervices and follow 're commendations child is in my care. No

Customer Question

ervices and follow 're commendations child is in my care. No out of home placement recommended. And befo r meeting was over she asked me to take another UA that day "Wed." I told her that it would be dirty she told me to go take it anyways. The recommendations
were begin random UA testing and engage In chemical dependency assessment and fallow recomindations. So I made my assessment appt. My self I have it this month on the 10-08-2015. But on 09-30-15 my CPS worker showed up at my house and said I eather sight over
TEMP.CUSTODY to my child's great aunt or she will file a some thing and that will let Washington state have CUSTODY of my child that day a police officer would be here to get my child. Her reason is cause she said my levels of meth in my UA on 09-23-15 gives
her the power to Placement of my child. Is this legal and why did she not have to tell me that if I had a UA that was higher then my"voluntary" one that she could come take my child. Please contact me at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Benicia Baker-Livors replied 1 year ago.

I am not sure that the situation as you described is quite right legally. I am not in your state but I would say this...

a) do not sign anything anymore without a lawyer

b) you need to follow through on treatment or the state will keep your child

c) a lawyer will advise you whether you are required to keep doing UAs. No one can undo you giving her evidence.

Even if she files something ASKING the court to take your child, it would not be long term without a judge hearing evidence or your consent.

Your first half of your question is missing and IF you were already in the system and child services is already involved, then they do have the right to do these things because they already proved child abuse and neglect in the first round and now it is up to you to prove that you can KEEP your child. Treat them like probation officers and follow everything or the punishment is removal of the child. I suspect you were already in the system for this child which allows them to do a lot more than when the case is first hotlined.

Expert:  Benicia Baker-Livors replied 1 year ago.

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