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Phillips Esq.
Phillips Esq., Attorney-at-Law
Category: Family Law
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My x husband who is a horrible person and has since our

Customer Question

my x husband who is a horrible person and has since our divorce stalked me, sent me horrible text messages regarding my 3 year old daughter from my finance and tried to get back with me me weeks before he married his new wife who is a also not a good person. The two of them have done nothing but try to destroy my life out of jelously. Neither my X husband or his wife ever wanted children. I am a single mom and dealing with a disability and do everything for my girls regardless because I have to. He does not commnicate and is so into himself and his wife he has used our girls to get personal information and this is against original court orders. We are involved in a current family law suit because he never paid a penny more in 8 years in child support even though the court order states it should have been reviewed every 3 years. I never had money to hire an attorney and I finally did and he is telling me I am going to get less support. My X is a manilulative man who physically and mentally abused me for 14 years. Everyone I spoke to agreed he is trying to get away with not paying his fair share of support since I make ZERO bc of phycsical reasons and he has made 3X more mone since divorce but never provided to courts. He has more assets and toys than a child should have and his wife has done and said things to my girls to make them feel insopior. He does not communicate to me but uses the girls and cant be an adult. He does what he wants and does not ask my permission on my time because I have residentail custody and know after I filed a motion for support I deserve after 7 years claims he wants more time with them. Everyone I know sees right through him and knows he is trying to get out of paying the support I always deserved. He has completely taken advantage of me for years bc I coulld not work and has never been there in any emergency situation for my girls. I have been there and am everyday. There is more to story but not sure you can help me. Now he filed a harrassment complaint against me because of us going back and forth in emails because he took my daugther to a party without asking on my time and I believe he was drinking driving. I dont know what to do any more. Everyone who knows me sees what he is doing or attempting and my own daughters love me and are confused because he brain washes them an uses them to cut his grass, week wack, paint, you name it and my daughters have complained to me several times that they hate there step mom and she is crazy and they dont want to be near her.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 2 years ago.

I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

I have carefully reviewed your post. However, I do not see a specific question.

What is your question?

Thank you for your cooperation,