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P. Simmons
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I am married to a cosmetic surgeon years. I was not allowed

Customer Question

I am married to a cosmetic surgeon for 20 years. I was not allowed to go to our cosmetic surgical art center I am disabled and Dr. Robert Marouk just left without any word. He left me and took all my money cleared bank accounts but the first year after approximately 6 months he said he was coming home to our 5000sq foot house. so I cashed in my retirement only $39k to maintain the home for his return. But I found out thru our car insurance he hit 2 cars and the police found 18 bottle of prophol fentynal morphine tunic needles syringes blood and the police report showed massive track marks. He asked me to stay with him until he went to rehab. He took the last of my hidden money $80k and said he just needed to pay for 2 months of staff as he was too high to preform surgeries and when he got out of Promises rehab $8k/weekly he was coming home and would give me my money back. He stayed with me the nite before going to rehab and I made all his arrangements. He left and never returned and while he was at promises I went to the surgery center we own and was looking for any financial information as my son and I had no electric gas utilities etc. and no money as he took it under false pretense of loving me and going to marriage counseling upon his return. I found massive assets in stocks and property and cash payments. I found 2012 taxes stating I had a 1% partnership in the practice as well as I was the secerety. He has over 2 million in hidden assets as well as it seems 4 million dollars in stock quick books etc. I also found a statement he made to the head Osteopathic Medical Association that he had devised a 10 year plan to have me locked away so he would't have to pay me spousal maintenance. He broke my neck and interjected me with drugs trying to make it appear I did from suicide. I am now paralyzed on my right arm/hand from lying unconscious for 8 hours until my 24 year old son found me and called 911. He had me served with and injunction against harassment so I am not allowed to contact him or get recent financials. I did not harass anyone and his manager Dianne (who I hired) greeted me and while I gathered some paperwork we talked friendly about her son and basketball etc .. She and the receptionist lied and told police I broke in and took narcotics and they feared me. But were all friends the day before. He left me after 20 years of serving him and being a homemaker without any notice or clue. Then contacted me and said we are still sole mates and lets work it out. He's gone won't give any information and no maintaince. I used disability payments to keep the house running ie pool, landscapers etc for his return. He is a teen porn addict and about 5 months before abandoning me destitute and taking all money under false pretenses. He moved out of the master bedroom to the downstairs maid area claiming he had Multiple Sclerosis but it was all a lie. He would come home eat dinner ignore me as I don't exist (still now) and go back to his room lock the door and watch porn for over 4 hours a day as we saw him thru the blinds and so did my children's friends. I am lost and don't now where to turn for help. PTSD and severe depression suicide attempts agoraphobic antisocial anxiety makes it almost impossible for me to get out of bed. He got his licensed back right away and has been very busy so I know he's making alot of money.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  P. Simmons replied 2 years ago.

I am sorry for this dilemma...but I do not understand your specific question. Do you have a specific question?