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How do i divorce my husband he has all the finances under his

Customer Question

how do i divorce my husband he has all the finances under his grasp. i have 2 young kids. we are about to move. can i go to my friends house (not a boy friend) my husband is a doctor hes caring and a narcissist i want to leave and grab some cash out of the atm he gave me he called me a piece of shit today and he works 80 hours a week. and i checked his texts just now and found out he lies about going out with his friends fridays he doesnt tell me. i had a bipolar episode.....1!!!! and all i want to do is work again i dont want to b in the house with him another minute. he controls all the finances and i hate being a stay at home mom because i lost my job due to bipolar illness. thank god im medicated. but hes a rollercoster i want to leave
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.
Hi - my name is ***** ***** I'll be glad to assist. You can file for divorce and ask the court in that filing to require him to pay your attorney's fees. It is common for a stay-at-home spouse to request this relief and to be granted the same because a court isn't going to penalize the spouse for not having a job as that would be a big disadvantage during the course of the divorce if one spouse has a lawyer and the other doesn't.
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.
So, you should consider seeing a lawyer in your area about filing with the intent to ask the court to require the spouse to cover your costs.
Expert:  Roger replied 1 year ago.
As for leaving with the children, there's nothing wrong with you doing that as long as a court order doesn't exist that prohibits it.