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Phillips Esq.
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I have been in a divorce. I get the kids only every other

Customer Question

I have been in a nasty divorce. I get the kids only every other weekend from 6 p.m. Friday to 11 a.m. sunday. On the onset of the divorce my wife claimed that i hit her with a door- ( which i did not- and actually have video which counters this) but since
she was able to show a picture of a bruised thigh the judge ( who retired- and we were in no mans land until March bouncing from judge to judge ) issued a DVO to be safe. She was instructed to work with us on visitation with the kids- she did not. Her initial
filing she filed for sole custody- she was denied. She later filed for sole custody and was denied. The phone calls have been very few, until we had a parental attorney installed for the kids. Now i get short calls tuesday, Thursday and every other sunday.
Before the divorce my wife took my name off the cell phone and later cut it off- costing me my Regional Management position. Also she had me thrown in jail when i called in January trying to get ahold of the kids ( 13 second phone call- i had spoken to the
kids about 35 min. since October at that point) . We had actually went to family court regarding the issue and the judge told Karen that she needed to put the batteries back in the phones, make them work etc. She went from there and waited until i had the
kids and tried to have me thrown in jail in front of all of their friends. We have several contempt orders from as far back as january but the judge did not schedule them and they have been moved to December for the final case hearing. I have continued with
counseling with our family counselor while she has not - he has told me that he believes she has a Borderline personality disorder - but to date neither the custody evaluator ( which was installed in Feb and has not even started) or the child psychologist
( 3rd one - the others quit) have not called him. Today - the school my son goes to told me that my son has suicidal thoughts. Several weeks ago i raised this up to the parental coordinator several times but noone got back with me. I had requested to pick
the kids up to take them to counseling but even though i have joint custody - they will not let me . Frankly - i am out of ideas. I pray frequently, have a loving heart ( but its been hard) and harbor no hate at this point - i just want to be in the lives
of my children. I am a mild manner 46 year old cancer survivor- my life right now is composed of work and working out - along with church. Frankly i feel right now - that Men really dont have a chance and that my life for my 10 and 13 year old is not respected-
i feel much better these days but find the only solace is to pray -- i have lost all confidence --- If i am only around the kids about 8% of the time, can i be the source of my Son's pain? My wife's family has a long history of alienation and treating men
poorly but noone will look into it- heck i cant even get anyone to call the counselor Karen and i have had for 10 years- what do i do ?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

I am sorry to read about your difficulties.

File Emergency Motion to request that the Court order your ex-wife/wife to stop interfering with your time with the children and grant you more time with the children. That's what you want: to spend quality time with your children. It is prudent to get an Attorney who handles custody issues to assist you with this case.

You can use the following sites to find local Attorneys:

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