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My son got s girlfriend pregnant, he was 16 she is 17. He is

Customer Question

My son got his girlfriend pregnant, he was 16 she is 17. He is finishing his high school education so he can go to college she is doing online courses. I the granparent have been buying baby furniture new crib changing table car seat, stroller, all the naby clothes and diapers that she might use. My son is not working right mow because I need him focusing on his education now. The mom lives with her grandma, no mom or dad in her life. I am providing for the babies needs, to help but the grandma was ts her to get child support. What is the law if he is only 17 and going to school? Do I have to pay childsupport until he is 18 as well? I believe it is his responsibility and do not deny that and want him too, but want him to get get his deploma and go to college too. The baby was born on labor day and the mother is telling him he has no rights to see his daughter unless he pays her money. What are his rights? At the court house you can get a packet to fill out for him for joint custody. Is this a good idea? I know everything is fine now this will just help in the future it just says they are both going to be responsible for her. And God forbid they have a fall out still have his rights. It is so much easier to do when you are getting along. It cost 20 dollars and it is the size of a novel. Just want to if nothing else get it check it out. Should i Also keep a tablet with everything he buys and gets for her even cash just in case he ever had to go to court he has documentation on he has been helping. Your choice I just like to be safe and prepared. I would go bonkers if I was not able to see one of mine for any reason.
Sorry am not trying to be Debbie Downer.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  mkc1959 replied 2 years ago.

Your son and the mother will both be treated as adults in regard to the child. As adults they both have the obligation to do what is in the best interests of the child. So, your son has an obligation to support the child despite still being in High School. So, absolutely, keep track of all property or money and try not to deliver cash as support. Use a check and mark it as support. If the custody can be agreed to, that is fine. Having custody or visitation should not be dependent on payment of support. The court considers those two issues to be completely separate from each other. You do not have the legal responsibility to support the child. To the extent you provide things, again, keep records. If custody or visitation is withheld by the mother, then you can proceed to get the court involved. It will be more flexible without court involvement. (From a strictly legal standpoint, without a court order, if the mother has physical custody of the child then she cannot be forced to let your son have custody or visitation. To an equal extent, without a court order, if your son has physical custody of the child, then he does not have to return the child to the mother.).

Let me know if you have follow up questions. If I have answered your question, please hit the accept button, so that I may be paid.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
my son must pay support now? How much? If he does not work how do they base the amount? Should he get a job then along with school
Expert:  mkc1959 replied 2 years ago.

Typically support for someone like your son would be based on the amount made by someone working a minimum wage job. The amount varies by state but typically is between $175 and $200 per month. The property and money you are providing can count towards the support. You just need it designated as support and you need to understand that cash delivered without a receipt will not be counted.