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faye lee
faye lee, Lawyer
Category: Family Law
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What precautions does the court take to ensure that a female

Customer Question

What precautions does the court take to ensure that a female spouse is telling the truth in making an allegation that may falsely accuse a father in a situation where the wife is actually the aggressor; coaching her children to falsely accuse the father in order to paint a biased portrait of what really is happening? My brother has been victimized physically and mentally by a wife suffering with Bi-Polar disorder, manic depression, and refuses to take her prescribed medications for years - causing the entire family to be at risk. What options are afforded to the husband in situations like these, where the female spouse is the aggressor? Thank you for your time in answering my concerns!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  faye lee replied 1 year ago.

When family members are in a situation such as the one you described it impacts the entire family. I would assume your brother is represented by an attorney, if not then he should seek legal representation as soon as possible. If your brother's spouse is giving false statements to the court then she will have to be able to prove such allegations. She will also have to give under oath which is a legal obligation to tell the truth when testifying. She would have to attest to the truth or have legal consequences of being guilty of perjury. If your brother is represented the process would include fact finding which requires the children evaluated mentally as well as psychologically. Her mental history may also become in to play. I would encourage your brother to seek legal advise. The court will not take her word without evidence to support her allegations. I hope this helps .... take care

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