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Seattle Scott
Seattle Scott, Lawyer
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I am 17, going to be 18 in December. I do not have a record,

Customer Question

Hi, my name is ***** ***** I am 17, going to be 18 in December. I do not have a record, nor have I ever been in trouble with the police. I have a 3.5 GPA, and my grades are always on point. My mom wants to go to court with me and send me to my fathers because she doesn't want to deal with hormones. Is there a law in MA where this can be prevented?
Submitted: 2 years ago via Cornell Legal Info Institute.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Seattle Scott replied 2 years ago.

No. Until you are an adult, 18, your parents have the power to determine which parent you live with. I am assuming that your father is agreeable to the change and that both your parents are "fit" meaning you are not and will not be a neglected child in either household.