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Cary Duffy .My wife and I got into an argument I believed

Customer Question

My name is***** .My wife and I got into an argument I believed she was having an affair. She left me and my two sons ages 10 and 19. She would not talk much would come get son about 1 a week for a day or part of a day. She would just tell me would not ask. She is going around town telling people I have abused her which is a lie but we would call each other names when arguing we have been married 22 years have been together 28.yesterday she texted me that she found a place and took my son with her. I have not been served papers yet but sure she will be soon. Can I get my son back . This morning my son called me said he wants to be with me and his older brother he said he would try to convince her. I am going to try and get a lawyer Tuesday. can I give my motorcycles to my son. Can I change the name on the titles of our vehicles they are in both are names but read Cary or Denine Duffy. I called my insurance agent which is my sister in law she was reluctant to change my ins. coverage. I wanted to put just liability on some vehicles I do not drive. She said she needs to sign off but she never had to before I believe she has talked to my wife. can I sell anything since I have not been served papers yet. or can I give these to my son who is 19. I live in North Dakota . I still love my wife I have texted her several times trying to get her back now I have woke up. I also have a disease called hyperthyroidism. I am seeing a doctor now. otherwise I am 50 years old in good health and am of sound mind and am stable. I Owe about 15000.00 left on our house. I believe she is going for everything since she took my son.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Michael J, Esq. replied 2 years ago.

Hello and thank you for contacting Justanswer. My name is Michael; I look forward to assisting you today.

Q. Can I get my son back?

A. Probably not. Since you both have the right to custody, she had the right to take him/her and will probably be able to keep the child until a determination on custody has been made.

Q. Can I get rid of my property?

A. Any property that you own you can do whatever you want with. Any property that is titled by the both of you (like cars) you won't be able to change, as those are marital property and will be dealt with during the divorce.

I hope this helps!

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