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Samuel II
Samuel II, Attorney at Law
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I was in politics in Lynwood, CA. Politicians ran my sons on

Customer Question

I was in politics in Lynwood, CA. Politicians ran my sons on the road, Michael 19 was killed, Chris 17 was seriously injured and Ty 30 at the time, the oldest is brainwashed. Several politicians were sent to jail and I was threaten by Louis Byrd. My son begged me to come to him in Los Angeles, I found him nude and the woman he later married was fully clothed, he has not been the same. She claimed to be an attorney, when I investigated her, I found that she was using the personal information that belong to a woman in New York. They have 2 children, a daughter who is 7 and a son 4. My son is a West Point graduate and she sued his job, $86,000 a year. He is like a robot, he cleans, washes, cooks and tries to comb the daughter's hair she does nothing. How can I save my son and his children?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Ran my sons off the road. The man who was involved was the relative of another politician running for office.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.


This is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.

I am sorry to hear about your losses.

Can you tell me what is it you want to do for your son and the children? What information can I provide for you, please?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Is there a law for grandparents? If so, should I consider that option to see about my son and his children.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.

Thank you. If you want to have visits with your grandchildren and you are being deprived of those visits, you can file with the court to have them ordered. Your son, is an adult and the courts are going to recognize his ability to make his own, adult decisions.

His wife is considered his next of kin and unless you can show abuse in the marriage from the wife to your son, I suggest, the court is not going to grant you standing.

Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.

You can read the CA statutes on grandparent rights at this LINK and also review this link for more information in this regard