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This is a Family court question- I am a Father in the state

Customer Question

This is a Family court question- I am a Father in the state of CA, whom has had full Physical and Legal custody off and on with my son for the last 7 yrs he is 9. Family Court has recently denied a recent mediation report that again determined that the mother due to her many relapses in to "Heavy Drugs" and alcohol abuse. the last time her boy friend was shot in her car by a police officer after pulling her out on a felony stop. I could write a book on all the crimes she has gotten away with because she was attractive and people keep felling sorry for her. She manages to clean herself up and take me back to court and get off supervised visitation- only to relapse again-
My problem now is the Court Monitor- She has on many occasions told me she feel sorry for the respondent and has been rude ot me on occasion as well - She has told m she is taking a personal interest in her rehabilitation, and when I brought it to her attention how I felt I am being treated she has told me that i am too controlling? there have been two instances where I have recommended that we reschedule the visitation with the mother due to instability and desire to feud with me after being told she is not to ask our child about me on a personal level. I was over ruled, and a second time y child was recovering from a virus and the eve before the visit he threw up in his sleep, I decided that rescheduling was a good idea, and she fought with me about it. My father is a retired family physician and although it was probably a good idea to reschedule - additional medical care / hospitilization wasn't required, she cited that I was too controlling and had no right to terminate the visit. In addition the Monitor has told me her "EX" is on permanent supervised visition, two things are coming into play.( just my opinion) but her own personal experience is affecting how she handles me and she is having difficulty (I believe, with me "a male" with full custody. please help she is the third monitor, the two previous were great, but I am having a personality conflict which I fear is going to eventually give me a poor reporting, for no other reason than I am a man and and I called her out on how she was acting towards me.( which she just explained away) I would like to have her replaced with someone else that is not biased towards men, nor showing favoritism towards the other party.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 1 year ago.

First, you need to file complaint with the Director of the Family Court Services Mediation Program in your County. Then if the situation is not resolved, you need to bring the issue up at your next hearing with the Judge. Click here for contact information for your County's Family Court Services.

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