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Ely, Counselor at Law
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My son was illegally removed without a warrant not one bit

Customer Question

Hi my son was illegally removed without a warrant not one bit of evidence ever entered against me in court ever ten months ago and now they are suspending my visits without just cause and my son is six years old
I also hired a private investigator a few months ago to follow me and to keep tabs on my son while in foster care to ensure he is safe I have been given alarming news and information that strange men have been allowed to be around my son and to take him to various locations without the foster parents or even a Santa Clara county CPA worker present these men are from what I'm told exceptionally wealthy individuals and supposedly upstanding members of the community but what are they doing with my son and I do not know any one of them nor have we ever had contact so what is their interest in my son also when I tried to get police help sheriff help I was arrested and put into a mental classification unit like I'm crazy except I have no history of mental illness and I have video and audio and pic evidence of everything I'm saying and no one will help me when I begged the CPA worker to allow someone to check on my son he refused to allow someone I trust on Santa Clara sheriffs department to go do a child welfare check on my son after I had been blocked two weeks in a row from seeing my son and they workers had made a big deal about some leadership camp for two weeks that was put on by the school district that my son was chosen for only when I called the school district they told me there was no leadership program or camp which means my son has been missing in action for the last three weeks and no one will help me at all except the private investigator and her partner who have been tailing me and my son for the last few months silently gathering evidence to try to help me as she had twin boys who died at the age of 8 from mysterious causes after a year in foster care after being illegally removed just like they did with my son and there was signs of sexual abuse on both boys after an autopsy was preformed at her lawyers request so she helps me at dirt cheap rates and truly is a blessing from God himself and holds all the evidence gathered over the last few months and is from out if state of California so I knew she would go unnoticed under the radar but no one will help me and they keep trying to make everyone believe I'm crazy but I'm not and I don't know what to do? I just want my son back and now they won't even let me visit him and I am about to drop the hammer and have the angel pi just take all the evidence to Washington, D.C. Or upload it onto every CPS human rights civil rights child rights organizations in the United States to get help from some one to get back everything they took from me including my son and my home and my cars and my money 16,059.24 that.has in one form or another mysteriously vanished from my online accounts and has never been returned to me not yet and even the banks and credit cards people seem completely unwilling to help me at all I need to know what I should do because if they try to have me arrested one more time if they go thru with canceling my visits and if they still continue their onslaught of illegal domestic terrorism against me I'm gonna say screw it and let the shit hit the fan and let the chips fall where they may and have my son be taken out the system by my brother in Louisiana and just relocate there to get my son back keep in mind they kept my son because he had cavities and on suspicion of me being an escort I'm a sugar baby there is a huge difference and mutually benificial arrangements are not illegal in California nor are private matters of choice between two consenting adults so my question is what if anything is there fore to do in this situation and how can I get my son out right away please and thank you for your time! My name is***** a 34 yr old Caucasian single mother fighting Santa Clara county one of the most corrupt counties in the United States of America and I need a lawyer and some help before they totally terminate my rights to my son that I never hurt ever he will even tell the courts I never hurt him never yelled at him never and gave him everything he ever asked for including mommy and son time and we went anywhere he asked including Lego land last year so please someone tell me what to do?!? Thank you kindly for your time on this matter! God bless.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question.
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