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Looking inexpensive lawyer...LOL!! I know that's an

Customer Question

Looking for an inexpensive lawyer...LOL!! I know that's an oxymoron if I ever saw one. Any way one that can practice in WA state. I have listed my situation below hopefully I can establish a relationship with a good lawyer that can take some consideration
of me and my plight. I was married 28 yrs. ago and we split up, I immediately moved to Florida but it took me 3 yrs. to file divorce papers due to lack of funds. In that time my ex found someone else and had a baby unbeknownst to me. The state of WA stated
that I owed child support, even tho it’s not my child because I was legally married to her at the time. Back then I spent close to 10k to resolve the situation to no avail. Currently the child is about 29 or 28 yrs. old now and I still owe arrears of over
100k. I have been paying this for quite some time now waiting for the laws to change. I came on this site to find answers to my situation and was helped by another lawyer who was very forth coming and helpful but he does not practice in WA. He advised that
I call WA state and research what could be done now, I did so and spoke to someone in the Prosecutors office, (she did not give me any legal advice) I was able to get enough info to steer me the right way. I researched some more and what I am looking for is
a lawyer who can help me DIS-ESTABLISH PATERNITY THRU DNA so that I may submit a PETITION FOR MODIFICATION/CHANGE OF CHILD SUPPORT ORDER. I was explained that there has been many people who have done this that have been in the same situation as I and it’s
pretty straight forward and easy to do. I am a retired army vet living in Florida on a disability pension, and really need to get this resolved. God forbid something happens to me half my life insurance will go to the state of WA instead of my REAL FAMILY.
Thank you Alex
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  CalAttorney2 replied 2 years ago.

Dear Customer,

You need to contact a family law attorney in WA state (the county where your family law matter was venued (the county where your divorce proceeding took place).

The procedure you are looking for is a "discrete" proceeding - meaning there is a single motion and hearing that you need the attorney to represent you in (you are not looking for an attorney to represent you in a lengthy divorce proceeding, or civil litigation matter). I cannot promise that they will be "cheap" - but the expense should not be huge (and it will be a far sight less than $100k).

Contact a couple of attorneys directly, see what they can offer you - given the above, they should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate as to how much this will cost. Be sure to let them know how cooperative the child (29 yo child) will be with the proceeding, as this will directly affect the cost of arguing the motion.

You can find local family law attorneys using the State and local Bar Association directories, or private directories such as;; or (I personally find to be the most user friendly).