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I was needing a lawyer support and possibly .

Customer Question

I was needing a lawyer for child support and possibly for divorce. My wife from the philippines used me to come here to the USA. We got into an argument, i went to jail for 53 days, on march 22nd or 23rd , i was suppose to only get 30 days, due to hold up on my paper work i spent 23 days over. During that time she went with her classmate she knew from school from the philippines and said she really loved him. 3 months later he died by an accident while rod and reel fishing, she wanted to go back to me, but i knew it was only because she had no one else to go to now that her boyfriend passed away. Sometime around end of april or beginning of may she left to california, to her relatives and she's been there since then. She was pregnant before she left Alaska, and had the baby in California on November 13th of last year. I been buying the baby pampers and wipes, i've also sent $400 in money order when she really needed money. Since her relatives had a baby girl like 3 or 4 years old she's been using her clothes. I don't want to send her any money until I'm 100% sure the baby's mine. I've talked to a lawyer here in alaska and they said since the child support is filed in california, i'd need to get a lawyer from california.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  originallawyer replied 1 year ago.
Yes, that is correct. You need to use a site like to help you find a lawyer in California who can help you get a DNA test ordered and also change child support if necessary. You must have a California lawyer because they are licensed to practice in the same state that the child support order is from, and they will know the rules better. You will also need to make your court appearances in California. If you want to file for divorce, you could file for divorce in Alaska, but the child support issue would likely stay in California.

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