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Samuel II
Samuel II, Attorney at Law
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My wife recently decided she wanted to leave her marriage to

Customer Question

My wife recently decided she wanted to leave her marriage to seek out her feelings for a coworker when i mentioned to her she could lose her job for committing adultery, she just looked at me. Days went by and things were civil between us until one evening she came home with pfa papers served on but let me stay there that night and return the following day to shower and have dinner and then i was asked to leave and was homeless for 2 wks. She placed a pfa on and almost cost me my job all because she was coached by the gentlemen she is having the affair with, the chaplin and a few other coworkers that she needed to do that to make me look bad to protect her job. Hearing came about the pfa was dropped she left the house and is now living with this guy (coworker aka the affair).
Her pfa statements made it sound as if she was in this awful relationship and was for 8yrs. Mind you we moved to DE and bought a home in 2012, legally married me in Aug of 2013, fostered a little boy to adopt as of April 02 of this year he was placed with us with September being the adoption date, now he has been removed bc of her bogus pfa and she let me change my last name on April 27 of this year.
My younger sister l I ves with us and can witness that physical abuse took place by either party. We recently started arguing alot more and seeing a marriage counselor where she confessed to having an emotional relationship with this coworker and wanted to gice a 100% effort on working on our marriage well we never finished marriage counseling bc my wife came home one evening (july 11,2015) from drill only to tell me infront of my sister in the kitchen that shes unhappy, exhausted and wanted to see if the feelings she has for the coworker could lead to a serious relationship. I through a pan to the corner of kitchen cabinets it did not hit anyone just ruined dinner. She's saying her communication with the coworker is for emotional support but they talk for very long periods of time throughout the day and very late at night and texting a lot! She has set it up at work that they do jobs together and trainings and they even work out during the day or even towards the end of the day at the base during work hours. She is currently living with him.
She has abandoned the house and saying in 6 months she wants a divorce, she has left me in a serioys financial bind being she was the main income in our family.
What can I do and can she lose her job for this affair she's having while still married and shes not wanting to give me much or if any finiancial help. I do not want to leave the house bc its the dream home and she is the one who abandoned us for this work relationship. She's on the mortgage loan, both of us on the deed. What can i do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 1 year ago.
HelloThis is Samuel and I will discuss this and provide you information in this regard.I am sorry to hear of your situation.We can take this one question at a time and if I do not answer what you ask, please let me know and I will provide the information or clarification for youI suggest that adultery while a ground for divorce will not cause harm to her employment unless there is a POLICY at the employer that co workers shall not "fraternize" with another co workerIf you want to file for a divorce, you can do so on the adultery. DE is a what is called a "No Fault" divorce state. So while you can file for the divorce based on the adultery, her behavior will not be taken into consideration for alimony to you. I suggest that you can consider a non contested divorce where you both agree the marriage is broken and unable to be repaired. That would be the quickest way. As to you home, with both names on it, you are entitled to a share of any profit made on the home if it is sold OR you can come to an agreement with her about her signing the Deed over to you but you would need to show that you could have the loan/mortgage refinanced in your name only

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