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Dimitry K., Esq.
Dimitry K., Esq., Attorney
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My daughter has had problems with a girl who used to be her

Customer Question

My daughter has had problems with a girl who used to be her friend. Since this past March when the girl and her aunt came to our house yelling at my daughter. Yes the aunt in her mid 40s or early 50s yelling at my 14 year old daughter over some boy drama. Social workers came to our house because they thought my daughter was being abused. She wasn't and the social worker told us that we should get a restraining order against the aunt for yelling at my daughter but we didn't. We thought the situation would be over by the end of the school year. As months progressed she was having trouble in school because the girl had started rumors about my daughter. In May the girl had cornered my daughter in a office at school harassing my daughter. My daughter filed a harassment contract at school which stated the girl couldn't talk to her or touch her or she would be taken out of school. That solved the problem but a couple days ago my daughter went on a bike ride and she stopped to talk to some of her friends who were at a park. While she was there the girl and her aunt walked by. My daughter told her friend to move away because she didn't want to be around her. Then they started playing tag. The girl and the aunt walked by again when they started yelling at my daughter. The girl was threating "beat my daughters ass" and the aunt was saying the she would be the "witness" and called my daughter a "f**king loser". My daughter and her friends were confused because they didn't know who they were talking to because my daughter didn't even make eye contact to her as the walked by the first time. While they were yelling at her she didn't know it was directed towards her so continued playing the game When the girls aunt said "Don't hide behind your stupid friends". Then my daughter went home and waited for her father to come home. When her father came home she told her dad what happened. Also taking a friend as a witness. My husband and my daughter and her friend went down to the girls house to tell her aunt to not yell at minor and to leave my daughter alone but they didn't answer. We wanted to resolve this peacefully but my daughter has cried to much and been through to much. She's starting high school this September and she scared because of the girl. We want to get the police involved but what do we say. Do we press harassment charges or get a restraining order?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Dimitry K., Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns. Oh, good lord. I am beyond heartbroken at the fact that some people have nothing better to do then to terrorize a teenager. Please call the police, inform them of the threats, the taunting, and the threats against her for bodily injury and harm. Then on that basis seek to press charges and to file for a restraining order (you can do both). This is both harassment and arguably assault, since they were threatening her with physical harm. Then if they attempt it again, instruct your daughter to immediately call the police. If you are able to obtain the restraining order, should they violate it, they would be able to be picked up and arrested for criminal contempt, and that hopefully would be the end of it. Again, I am sorry your daughter is going through this, but there is definite recourse here.Sincerely, ***** *****