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Legalease, Lawyer
Category: Family Law
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Experience:  13 years experience, divorce & custody issues, protective orders, child abuse issues
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My husband and I are going to be filing . We

Customer Question

My husband and I are going to be filing for divorce. We currently reside in a house that my husband owned prior to marriage. We have are son enrolled in school to start Kindergarten on Aug 3. I will be looking to purchase a house about 30 mins away. I
will also be requesting to be the primary resident with restricted visitation for my husband due to he is a functioning alcoholic. I know what school district I want to purchase a house in, should I enroll my son in that school and have him go there? I am
not sure how the courts will look either moving during the school year or next year. I will be filing and submitting a petition for temporary custody during the divorce.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 2 years ago.
Hello there ---I apologize for the delay in responding to you but this is the first time I have seen this question (I have been offline for a few days). Under the circumstances, the new school district you are moving to will most likely not permit you to enroll your son in the schools there until you actually move into that district and can show to the administration that you have a permanent legal address in their school district. You can certainly check with their school department offices, but I believe that this is the issue that you will run into. Under the circumstances. the fact that your child may have to change school districts a few months into the school year will not be a factor in the divorce. When a child is young and changes schools, it generally does not affect the child and the courts are aware that many parents must move into different school districts when a divorce happens -- it is the nature of the beast. The only thing you cannot do is move him out of state without the permission of your ex or the court. Please let me know if you have any additional questions on this matter. If not, can you please press a positive rating before you leave the website so I will be paid for my time. I am paid nothing unless you press a positive rating before you leave. Doing so will not cost you any additional money -- it simply acts as the trigger to Just Answer to pay me for my time assisting you today. THANK YOU VERY MUCH-MARY