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Samuel II
Samuel II, Attorney at Law
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I have been living in my ex husbands home with my two children

Customer Question

I have been living in my ex husbands home with my two children for the past seven years as a part of a court order, until our youngest son graduates from high school which he just graduated June 10, 2015, There has never been any kind of least agreement, He dropped a letter in my mail box June 24, and demanded I respond by July1, 20015 stating my intentions of a move out date, I responded before that date via certified mail and he excepted. A week later he drops off an envelope with a demand to sign a lease agreement for the less than two month before the excepted move out date and gave me a new deadline date of this past weekend before starting eviction process whish I have no intention of signing. This morning 7/13/15he states that if I don't respond by 5pm he will get lawyers involved, I have copies of the first correspondence complying with my intentions. I feel like this is harassment and stalking.Am I obligated to sign anything further at this point? What should my nest move be.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
This is Samuel and I will provide you information in this regard.
Ok. So you do not want to remain in the home under a lease and paying rent - correct?
How soon do you expect you will be able to vacate the property?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
HelloIf you received an invite for a phone call, it was automatically generated by this site. I do not participate in that part of the services offered by this siteBUT we can continue here.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
No I do not want to stay in the house as I have been harassed and stalked the entire time we have been here My response to his demand which I thought was reasonable is 8/30/15 which is the date we will complete our move. I also mentioned in my response that I had not received the child support check from him for the month of June since our son didn't graduate until June 10,2015 I was told to expect a check for June as well as the support for six months in 2013.
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
HelloThank you. I suggest it is reasonable, too. However, he has a right to now have you sign a lease or be evicted. I suggest that his attorney can always say that you knew your time would be up when the child graduated and that you should have already had plans to move on that day.However, I suggest that by the time you moved out, any eviction proceedings that he begins would not even be in the courts by the end of August, which is the date you are prepared to move out.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
as I mentioned he put another demand to sign a lease agreement for less than two months we will be here, Even if I responded to his first request to give him a date for the move and he excepted?
Expert:  Samuel II replied 2 years ago.
Thank youI am unclear on your last response. What is it you need to know about signing or not signing the lease, please

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