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Ely, Counselor at Law
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10 years ago I met my current Spouse, Lanita while i was getting

Customer Question

10 years ago I met my current Spouse, Lanita while i was getting divorced. My divorce judge ordered a QDRO for my retirement funds from my wifes account. The terms on my wifes account are that it takes 5 years to get funds after a QDRO (at the time) or separation from employment. The money came, $40,200 and i spent $38,000 to buy an F550 truck with a Pump Hoist to service and repair water wells as i'd worked on wells for 17 years at the time. I asked Lanita if she wanted to be my partner, 50/50 for doing all the office stuff and i'd do the field work. she agreed but we wanted to protect from my ex-wife asking and getting more child support so we agreed to start Aqua Pump and Well Service, Inc. as a 90% her and 10% me just till my kids turned 18 and we agreed on paper not to object to a 50/50 split but, you guessed it. She will not transfer my 50% now that we make tons of money and has bought herself (her name only) a 350K home, Land with a small shed/Cabin in Johnson City(her name only), a brand new car(her name only) and she's been taking and signing my pay checks for nearly 2 years now against my permission and the police say hire a lawyer your common law. A lawyer says get a civil lawyer your not common law and now Lanita served me with a kick out order and took my name off the one account i did have my name on it so i could eat during the day. I recently learned that overtime I used my Company card (I had nothing else to use and no pay checks) Lanita entered it into the Computer as cash advanced or untaxed wages. Since I've been out of the home Lanita drilled my 18 year old sons door lock and stole his newly purchased 65" 4K res. TV and police will do nothing! Lanita now says she did that because Bret (works at Aqua with me) have been embezzling money from Aqua and owe her over $40,000! Lanita is ill but the police won't even pay attention when your explaining your side, they wait for you to stop talking and then they begin paying attention again as they tell you that you should pay your debts and that if i owed them that much money they'd take my stuff also. Lanita owe's Bret 6 months back pay plus repayment on an $1100 cash loan he gave her. I have no money, no savings and I literally haven't been paid in over a year and a half but my Company makes $120,000 a month in the summer and usually over $25,000 in winter. I have an excellent reputation and its being destroyed by Lanita not answering the phones and/or not forwarding the calls to me so I can repair unless she's certain the customer will only pay her. She actually informed a customer not to pay me as I'm stealing from Aqua!!! Lanita has never brought anything to Aqua and was nothing more then my love when I offered her a partnership. Her work experience is as a telemarketer and a Stripper. The only license Aqua operates under is mine, 58523KP
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
What is your specific question for us over this matter? Have you gone to a local civil litigation or business law attorney yet, because after what you described, your recourse is suing her in court over all of this (you and your son both and that means you need an attorney to represent you)?