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Im a good mother I she was born 2004 ,her father was when he

Customer Question

Im a good mother I she was born 2004 ,her father was when he chose to finally come around he was welcome because I wanted her to have a relation ship with him ,except due to his choices of 2 felony drinking and driving and spousal abuse on ex wife as ultimate on officers in trapment I obtained protective orders with full .well in2008for six mounths only we tryed to due the familything but he was never home would go out drinking come home black out drunk till he caused a big accident witch landed him felony dui with imbodly danger he got a little shy of a year due to him having close conections in the court his his as he claimed best friend who is now is wife her mother works in court house so he landed a little less than a year in county me and my daughter went to santa barbra womens services i left my job at hospital to protect my daughter because he was out of his mind befor going to jail u should have never bailed him out but any how i trusted the system .when we were there calm is were my daughter was goung for therapy they wrote a letter due to when he was released he filed for custady and the letter read not to see father for at least a year alone well it was thrown out .every thing about my case should have been black and white rite from wrong but it wasnt he mind you has a record i on the other hand have had traffic tickets at the most never walked on the wrong side so in 2009 orders went to 5050 my daughter wouldwould kick and scream and cry at night for me they wouldn't allow her to call me because they said that would make her crynothing happened by the bookmy attorney not until we were in court room in he witnessed firsthand then lying on the stand and having to admit and still in 2013 them giving her father hurt his custody as of the schedule is as if I have done something wrong to endanger my child but there's no grounds for our orders because the grounds that were brought upon that day in the courtroom they were caught lying on the stand that they were false because of the physical hard copy hard proof evidence. and still the schedule goes as Monday through Friday she's with her father every other weekend with me and one dinner night on Tuesday he is now physically there is no wife takes care of my daughter two years after the orders were given I now find out due to Instagram photos my daughter was showing me pictures of her dress for the wedding and I said who's that and pointed out a girl in the wedding party she explained that Michelle her stepmother best friend well that woman is a woman who wrote our court orders she was the secretary to the attorney that I request I request my daughter to have intern turned out to be close with the step moms mother who works in the courthouse now I understand why before going to court the last time the district attorney's office women pulled me aside and said make sure you go in there with meaning I was prepared I didn't know what they knew because I thought I knew everything that was going on well they expressed that they saw what happened behind closed doors and I asked if they could go with me and they said no that you did the signal of life in the throat because the mother-in-law had work there too long and that would be jeopardizing their careers now I understand what they meant about going in prepared because it was completely unethically illegally and 2006 when my lawyer at end of our case obtained a new secretary well that secretary was the one who later became the secretary to the atterny who was spots to be nutral and due what was best for child and didn't in stead she was bias and that explains how when I first went into her office to meet her she said there would be no problems with his record we could keep her safe and he would not gain custody well everything did a 360 degree turn after she met his mother in law I want my daughter back I want daily life is my daughter that I have missed out another woman should not be raising my daughter when there is no ground or means for the orders to be the way they are I I now understand how the orders were written the way they were how do I fix this ASAP.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
You need to get a new attorney first of all. You need to file a motion to vacate the court order based on fraud before the court. Then you need to present evidence to the court of the relationship and bias between their alleged witness and the stepmother and father. This is the only way to get this order reversed since this is new evidence in your case and that means legal basis for you to have the court's order vacated and reversed.

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