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I have a question please... It appears my son who I have paid

Customer Question

I have a question please... It appears my son who I have paid support for since he was 1 yr old, will be doing an apprenticeship in a trade. I am hoping that he is 18 and earning approx $15/hr while participating in the appren. I am fully willing to pay ALL education costs as I have saved money for this reason. I have also always paid all of his extra curricular costs and don't mind doing so. However I would like to cease paying child support to his mother once he turns 18. Can I do this?
Thank you
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Maverick replied 2 years ago.
Welcome! My name is Maverick. I very much enjoy what I do and I hope that you will benefit from this information.
Parents' child support obligations are set out in both the Divorce Act and the Family Law Act. Canadian children are entitled to be supported by their parents if:
1. they're under 19; or
2. they're 19 or over, but can't take care of themselves because of of illness, disability, or another reason.
Parents of children attending a post-secondary schooling institution are often required to continue to pay child support even if the child is 19 or over as the child still depends on their parent(s) for room, board, and the "necessaries of life."
To qualify, the institution the child attends would need to be a university, college, technical college, or any other accredited post-secondary school that offers a degree, diploma, or certificate.
When trying to decide whether you must continue to pay child support while your child is going to school, courts consider the following factors:
1.the age of your child,
2.whether your child's educational goals are realistic in the sense that they will lead to employment soon after graduation,
3.whether your child is studying full-time or part-time,
4.whether your child can help pay for post-secondary education through student loans or other financial assistance,
5.whether your child can work part time to help pay for his or her own support,
6.your child's past academic performance and likelihood of success in reaching post-secondary educational goals, and
7.your own and the other parent's views about post-secondary education for your children that you discussed or agreed upon when you were married or living together.
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