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Law Educator, Esq.
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I have a full legal and physical custody order regarding my

Customer Question

I have a full legal and physical custody order regarding my 5 year old son. For the past several months my son has been reporting that his father hurt him. The intial report of endangerment came from a school teacher into children and youth services that dad appeared intoxicated when picking my son up from school. At that time the report was investigated and determined unfounded however also at that time my sons father had an open bench warrent for his arrest for an open dui charge and license suspension in another county. A second report was made several months later by my son to his teachers that his daddy hurt him and smacks him on the bottom of his feet and hurts his booboos. A report was made and his dad went mia for about two weeks. When services finally caught up with him they met with him and he denied everything and told them I was crazy. Children and youth then remained in my life stating he is very angry and we believe coming after you. Since that report I ended my relationship with this man as best I could and again I say he appeared to be a sociopath and displayed erratic behavior. I have sought help through my own and families counseling and supports to make sense of everything it took time to learn. I and my family have learned of our victimization.I myself have also been trying to free myself from this man who fits every profile aspect of a sociopath. Now that my children and I are free from this man and in process of getting help from a woman's place and nova my son continues to express how his dad hurt him and provides more and more information. My son is also diagnosed autistic however at his last developmental pediatrician appointment I was told he appears to look like he is coming off the autism spectrum and display more symptoms of PTSD. Every report of abuse my son makes post trauma is dismissed by children and youth with no investigation because they say the ibtial report was unfounded. i believe the intial report findings are compromised to say the least as no forensic investigation was completed and no psych evaluation of my son was offered. Also during my sons school iep meeting I was informed dad was invited. I have had a past Protection from abuse order, sought help for abuse and discovered a past history that this man is a user and abuser not only in pa but nc and de... I have been trying to get another pfa but hit road blocks. I asked the school as sole legal and physical custodia l parent not to share info as it compromises my sons safety and well being but they tell me it's policy. I allowed this man to have part in the past because I believed him but again I stress the learning and experience of his ways as well as my victimization and his behaviors and history that strongly suggest that I was mislead. I fear for my sons and daughters safety, I fear this man to be manipulating systems that are designed to protect my family and believe our rights have been violated. The past history of abuse and this man's increased anger and instability has me worried to say the least also I believe my sons integrity as well as my daughters who was a student at the same elementary school two years prior with known history of abuse and safety concerns regarding this man has been grossly compromised and now he has information compromising all of our safety. There is so much more and I am reaching out to be best informed and safe. Can you tell me with sole legal and physical custody did the school have the aurthity to invite this man without consulting me? Did children and youth compromise my sons safety and well being as well? Are they possibly negligent for dismissing every post trauma report? I'm a very concerned mom.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.
This is exactly why the social workers of child protection are called the most incompetent, negligent and abusive agency workers you will ever encounter. They do not care about the welfare of the child, they care about their own personal agendas and persecuting innocent parents because of their own personal biases and prejudices against them.
With sole legal and physical custody the school had no right to inform or invite him since by law he had no say in your son's education or IEP and you need to provide the school proof of your court order and inform them in writing that as the father has no legal say, if they invite him again you will sue the school for interfering in your custody order.
Also, you need to provide your evidence to the Child Protection supervisors and seek to get them to listen. Additionally, the abuse support groups in your area can assist you and can put pressure on the incompetent child protection agents to do their job and the abuse support groups can also assist you in getting relocated if there is a continued danger to you and the children.

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