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I was recently accused of neglecting my children and being

Customer Question

I was recently accused of neglecting my children and being a drug addict by my children's elementary school.. In the report they filed thy said I was twitchy, was missing teeth and lost weight. I did recently lose a tooth and an saving up to get it fixed, neither I or my husband use drugs we don't even hang out with drug users. We own our own home and we are very proud of our beautiful house and family. I am 120 pounds and have always been but I am muscular build. When the lady from child protective services read the very long insulting attack on my appearance we were shocked that of all people we were being investigated. We are not scummy people or drug users nor do we starve out children who are of healthy build.. The investigation will probably be dropped but now the school wants a CST meeting .. Last trimester I received great progress reports and 4 months later the children have learning disabilities.. They are trying to explain a reason why they personally attacked me and caused huge issues in my marriage.. He has always praised me as the best mom ever and after hearing the report of me being a twitchy toothless junkie those words never go away. Please help I just want them to leave me and my kids alone I don't deserve to be attacked because my children have been late to school a lot and because they personally ripped me to shreds to child protective services.. If you could meet me and my wonderful kids and husband that I have been madly in love with for 14 years you would want to help me. Please tell me how to get the school to stop trying to destroy my family for no reason... Please help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Should I allow them to test my kids and dig further into our home life for no reason my husband has had to miss work for meetings and I have been so upset about this it is affecting my happiness.. I don't want to seem like I'm neglecting my children's school needs but I really hate these people and I know they don't think highly of me.. Should I bring a lawyer to the cst meeting and refuse testing and tell them to stop attacking me and slandering me? I just want my kids to have a happy life at school and at he and I don't trust these psychopaths to access my kids clearly when they labeled me a low life when I am actually an upstanding mom and a law abiding citizen.. My kids call me mommy marsh mellow for crying out los
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This is the email that we had after Christmas...Hello Matt and Terry,
My name is***** and I am the School Social Worker at Alton Central School. I am writing because there is concern regarding Charlie and Brodie’s attendance and days tardy lately and I would like to try and help figure out a solution that works for your family so that the boys are not falling behind with their academics. I was wondering if there may be a simple solution, like maybe taking the bus? That would save you from having to drive them into school and would ensure that they arrive on time. I am not sure if that is an option or not for you? It would be great if you could discuss this over the long weekend and if there is anything that might work better for you, please let me know. Typically, the school looks at attendance records after the holiday break and will send out letters if there is a need. The next step would be meeting/talking with the Assistant Principal. I just want to be of any help to you that I can. I also wanted to check in with you to see if you could benefit from receiving a free/reduced lunch form for the boys, if so, just let me know and I will get one to you. Please feel free to call me anytime, or email if that works better.
I hope that you have a nice weekend and hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.
Kelly McPherson
School Social Worker
Alton Central School(###) ###-####ext. 9382Hi Kelly,
I just got your email concerning Charlie and Brody's time missed from school this year. Over the last year my mother has been very ill. I have been staying overnightshe as she needs round the clock care. In order to do this had a friend helping us by staying with the boys in the morning and doing breakfast and school drop off. Unfortunately punctuality and attendance was not one of her strengths. I was unaware of quite a bit of the time missed until report cards arrived. I did not have a lot of options when it comes to finding someone that will get up at 5 to get kids off to school. I appreciate that she was even willing to do it. Earlier this week my mother took a turn for the worse, therefore we now have in home care for her. I am aware of how important attendance is and now that our family is back to our normal routine they will not be late or missing school unless absolutely unavoidable. I feel awful that they had to miss time because of this and it is extremely important to me that they attend school regularly. Sometime situations arise and I have done my best to get through this rough patch without missing time at work and school but it was out of my hands.
I am meeting with both teachers soon to talk about what needs to be done and what options I have to get them caught up, if need be I can have them do one on one with Mrs. Tangway who is a tutor on afternoons or weekends. She comes highly recommended by other parents I have spoken to.
Thank you for the information about free or reduced lunch program but my husband and I would not qualify with our incomes.
The bus only drops off and picks up kids at the end of our road and I will not have the boys crossing the highway without an adult as they are still pretty small. If the bus starts to go down Jesus Valley Rd. I would love to have them take the bus. Unfortunately we bought our house on a dead end road and the bus has nowhere to turn around. When they are a little bigger they will start taking it.
I hope this helps you understand what we have been dealing with. If you have any other questions or concerns feel free to email or call.Thank you,
Terry Stevens
The next thing I know the social worker is reading a report saying the think I made it all up and have never seen anyone else drop the kids off.. But when they golfer dropped off late no body is outside the school?? Thy skipped by the assistant principal and all other steps that should have been taken because attendance was no longer a problem.. But they felt the need to turn me in for child neglect and say I have a substance a use problem.... This information was in the report made to dcyf so I know part of the report came from this woman the school social worker .. Who will also be on the child study team.. How can I trust her to have my kids best interest at heart
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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