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As a grandparent in California, my daughter divorced her husband

Customer Question

As a grandparent in California, my daughter divorced her husband and moved and purchased a 2 bdrm home in eastern texas. She said she went on a date with a guy from in the Marines and is serving a tour of duty in Hawaii, then moving back to his home in Texas. I last saw her in November when she flew out to help me when my husband had a stroke. I had to take him off of life support and it was very, awful. But Lara was an EMT and she was helpful to me. I knew she was going to move to Texas, so I gave her my husbands vehicle to drive back there. She hugged me, said she loved me, and then flew back home. She bought a 2 bedroom home . But then, she quit talking to me. She wont answer texts. I wasn't allowed to call and I miss my grandkids terribly. I had to take back all of the Christmas presents to cash them in, because I had to pay cremation and buy groceries. I had no money for rent on time. Eventually I bought them just one gift and sent them ups to their father's home because my daughter wouldn't talk to me. That upset her even more.
She wont talk on the phone, she wont text me. I miss my grandkids terribly. Mykenzie and I were studying guitar.
Is there any legal recourse to ask for visitation once or twice a year? She left us in California and moved to Texas.
I don't want to tear my family apart. I love my daughter. I don't know what to do except to pray. Can anything be done?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 2 years ago.
Hello there --
Can you tell me the following:
1. Do you have any idea what caused the problems in the first place?
2. Does she still have your vehicle and if YES, is it registered in your name still ?
3. Did your grandchildren live with you in your home for any significant period of time ?
4. Does her ex husband permit you to contact them when he has them in his visitation periods?