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I'm in a situation that involves many different legal

Customer Question

Hello, I'm in a situation that involves many different legal aspects. I have an on going open custody case. Since February I have been seeking full custody of my 12 yr old. Since he was 5yrs old he lived with his father whom lived with his mother. Everything started to go down hill when my ex husband told his grandmother he was getting remarried and taking my son to live with his new wife and her kids. His mother became very unreasonable, called the police and said her son was breaking and entering involving my son. Made a report to make my ex look unfit to have my son. After several years of not talking to me we started talking again.She always talked about how bad my ex and his new wife are. My ex has NOTHING to do with his mother for she has causes so much trouble for them. His mother buddies up to me and plays that she is on our side.She became #1 witness on my side going against her son in court. She sent me checks to help us out for my sons needs. She even went to my church, work, and home for two separate visits. She helped me with writing documents to different people. She really went far and beyond! Her second visit she made a statement " if I don't watch out that I will lose my daughter too and that I would leave my husband if I were u." The following week I get a disturbing e mail from my lawyer saying that my ex mother in law contacted the guardian of item and told her strait out lies about my husband. The guardian of item wrote a letter to the judge and now I am not able to see my son. This has been almost four weeks and no report has been made. I went into DFCS and talked to the head case worker and even went tothe court house to see if anything is being filed.Nothing! Here is what's getting even worse. My ex mother in law has talked to my lawyer repeatedly she even has her cell phone. Since the false accusations were made and right after our meeting with my lawyer everything is silent. I haven't heard from my lawyer at all not until tonight through email saying she's confused and wants to schedual a meeting again because we are not on the same page. She got it in her head we were dropping the case and that was Not said!
I have a stronge feeling I'm being blackmailed into if I drop the case they won't get DFCS involved and after my daughter and if I pursue with seeking custody then they will make it hell on earth for me and my daughter will be taken from me.
My lawyer wants to talk but I don't know if I trust her?
I'm not sure what to do at all!
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Phillips Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Hello: This isCustomer I am a licensed Attorney and I will be assisting you today.
I am sorry, but I am having trouble following your narrative.
Could you review it, make corrections, and resubmit?
What is your question?

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