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What are some relevant things we should consider as questions

Customer Question

what are some relevant things we should consider as questions in discovery for a child custody hearing?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  mkc1959 replied 2 years ago.
The court is supposed to determine the best interests of the child or children.
In doing so the Court will consider:
The age of the children. And the wishes of the child or children if depending on the maturity of the child or children.
The abilities of each parent and any physical, mental or other condition that affects either parent.
The quality of the relationship between the children and each parent.
The willingness of each parent to encourage the children's ongoing relationship with the other parent.
Who has provided the children's care in the past.
The ability of each parent to provide a stable, loving environment.
The physical layout of each parent's home and whether the child or children would have adequate living space.
Each parent's ability to provide for the children's physical needs, emotional wellness, and medical care.
Any potential disruption of the child's or children's school, friends and other family relationships.
How the children will be affected by either continuing the current custody arrangement or disrupting the arrangement.
Confirmed evidence of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect by either parent.
Has either parent made false allegations of abuse or neglect against the other parent.
Who are each parent's friends. Do any of those friends have a positive or negative impact on the child or children.
Is there any criminal history for either parent.
Has either parent ever used illegal drugs.
What is the work schedule of each parent.
What arrangements would be made for child care during periods of time when the parent is working.
Do the parents agree about the religious training of the child?
What religious training has the child or children had in the past.
Do the parents agree about the education of the child or children.
How would the education change depending on custody of the child or children.
Is either parent in the military. If so, is the parent subject to deployment and, if so, under what conditions.
Is either parent in a new relationship. Are there other step-siblings involved.
Is the child or are the children in counseling. If so, what custody situation would best promote the ongoing counseling.
Please let me know what additional questions you have. I want to fully respond to your question so that I may be paid.