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I know a 17 year old young woman who I met a year ago after

Customer Question

I know a 17 year old young woman who I met a year ago after leaving a comment on her fathers Facebook page that she took out of context but cleared it up right away. I dated her dad as a teenager so no ties to child relatively. After a week the mother gave me a sob story saying kids (the young female child has twin brother) had not gotten child support whole life and the boy had been wearing shoes two sizes to small making blisters. I met her st local mall gave her $300.00 total for them to split to buy clothes and shoes. Next week the female child I picked up after asking me ifbi could drive her to visit dad who was in work release and did. End up getting her twin brother that day to that starts the spilling of secrets. The mother has lost custody numerous time 6 to be exact has a felony because of it. Gave her two you get kids away to their father but behind on support but keeps older two out of control. The mither makes the twins pay her rent after vol withdrawing them from school to quit. Girl wants to go to school mother says no and has mimissed so many days since mom moves every 3 months and won't take her so failed due to absents. Befire I met them the girl had been living with her boyfriend and his family for a year with moms permission. After meeting them two weeks after to be exact she let her sin cine live with me not knowing me at all but my husband and I take care of our kids. However after living with me two weeks went back he didn't like rules. Now they don't even got Medicaid but mom does said kids got denied which is a lie. The twins will be 18 in Dec and the girl wants met to help her get emancipated. She's been on her own past few years anyway off and on. Dhr not calling after she's lost them 6 times but always gets them back. Kids have even said mom blackmail them into saying thru want to go back that she will buy them this or that if they say whatever. We are in Alabama so what are options? Girl is afraid papers would get served to mom while she is living there and mom flip. Right now she's at her boyfriends family's home for a family vacation and yes safe there.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Family Law
Expert:  Law Educator, Esq. replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking for educational purposes only.If the girl can prove that she is able to support herself without any other assistance, then she would legally be able to apply to court, through legal aid or with a private attorney, for emancipation on that basis without her parents' consent. However, if she will need government support or assistance, the court will not emancipate her and will make her wait until 18 to be legally emancipated so she can apply for her own benefits. What you can do, if you would like to help, would be for her boyfriend's family to apply to court for a legal guardianship. Once they get legal guardianship, they can apply for medicaid and other benefits such as food stamps and possibly welfare for her and the government will provide benefits and pursue both parents for them to contribute to the money they owe for care of the child.