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my daughter was married to a police officer and she suffered

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my daughter was married to a police officer and she suffered the abuse of domestic violence. my daughter and her son(no relation to the officer) live with me and my husband(who is a sgt. with the same department). My daughter is divorced but the ex still tries to have contact with her, he has come to our home banging on all the doors and windows trying to get in to get to her. even jumping our locked gates of our backyard. The dept. was told of this incident and he was verbally told to have no contact with her. my daughter did not press charges because she fears if he looses his job he will have nothing to live for and he kill her. he still continues to make contact with her following her, parks in her school parking lot, shows up at our house at 2-3 am, text and calls, etc... she has given the dept. notice of any and all contact attempts by him and he was sent to the Capt. office and told to leave her alone. But still he follows her and texts her. Today she went to the station to internal affairs to make a report of him harassing and following her, he is adamant about having contact with my daughters son and she fears he will do anything to get back at her even through her son. Internal affairs took the report and are making him sign a documented document for him to have no contact with her or her son. My daughter fears for her life and her sons. I fear the same for them both. What are the options for her on what to do? Is there a case here for her? Will anyone help her before it's too late?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.


I am genuinely sorry to hear that your daughter is in this situation, and I am likewise very genuinely sorry that this police office is quite obviously abusing the process. It is all too unfortunate that some of the largest offenders of domestic violence are indeed police themselves. This is not a slur against your husband, it is just due to the fraternity of protection, many police officers do look the other way or give a slap on the wrist for genuinely dangerous behavior. What your daughter should consider is not just the police but also the sheriff's office and contacting the Texas Attorney General's office for help. When the police refuse to help, she can pursue state resources such as the county sheriff and the state police to get involved.


In addition she should pursue a formal restraining order against him so that if he continues to pursue her, the courts could arrest him for contempt of court order. Your daughter deserves safety, and she should keep pursuing this until and if she obtains formal relief. If the officer isn't getting it, the superiors should explain it to him. If that does not work, the order and the calls to the AG's office must be the next steps.


Hope that helps.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your help


You are most welcome and wish you and your daughter the best of luck.

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Dimitry, Esq.
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