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Hello, I got divorced in 1998 and paid child support based

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I got divorced in 1998 and paid child support based on the orders in the divorce decree of $50.00 per week until such time as the children should reach the age of 21 or are sooner emancipated. On September 20th of this year my youngest turned 21 and I made the last child support payment on that date. I have been contacted by her father stating they want me to continue paying and if I do not, he will sue me going back 20 years on the child support. But, I have paid what was ordered by the courts. And, in all the years from 1998 to present they have never sued for additional monies. I am afraid he is trying to bully me. If I paid what was ordered for the time span ordered, can they go back to try to get more money?
No. The law does not allow retroactive modification of support and that is what he would have to get to get more money. So it is just a threat.
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