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i was married in aug 4th 1984 in va .we did iranian ceremony

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i was married in aug 4th 1984 in va .we did iranian ceremony and went to iranian
embassy of iran in M street in wash dc and they wrote in my birth certificate that
we were married.we were leaving after that under one roof and had my son on 1988.
my husbaand opend his car dealership on 1986 and we did american wedding on
1989.we did our tax together and in all document we filled aug 4,1984 for our wedding date.I filed for divorce
on dec 2012.up to 2 months ago on all papers he agreed that we were married on aug
4, he is claiming he was married on 1989 not 1984 and because of that
i can not touch his business.please give advise.

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Do you have a copy of the Iranian marriage certificate?

Did you file joint taxes in 1984 - 1989?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I think my husband has certificate

but he is denying

we filed taxes together .it has been long time

how can I get those tax returns

YOu can contact the IRS by phone and request a copy of the tax transcripts. Also, think of any other documents you may have had that showed you were married, such as joint ownership of a house, insurance policies (car, health, life) and also friends that can testify that they knew you were married in 1984. Your child's birth certificate. These are just suggestions, there may be other documents that you can think of.


He is trying to claim the car dealership is not marital property. If he took out a loan when he purchased the dealership your lawyer can subpoena those documents because he would have shown his marital status on those loan documents or any other loans he may have taken out during those years. Don't be afraid because he is now trying to claim 1989 as the marriage year, there are a lot of ways to show you were married in 1984. I hope this helps clarify.


Please let me know if you have additional questions and please do not forget to rate my service to you (not the state of the law) as that is the only way that I can get credit for my assistance to you. Even after you rate the service, I can still answer additional questions for you without additional charge. If you do rate me positively, a bonus is always appreciated. If you would like to request me in the future, just make sure you type: FOR GEORGETOWN LAWYER on the subject line. Thank you!

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if in worse case the judge agreed we were married on 1989

when we did american wedding do i get any thing from 1989 to now

or i do not getting anything from his business

Worse case if the judge said 1989 you would still be entitled to spousal support, child support for any child under age 18 and 50% of all marital assets, except the car dealership. I hope this helps clarify. Thanks and kind regards.
GeorgetownLawyr, Family Law Attorney
Category: Family Law
Satisfied Customers: 12049
Experience: Experience: contested Divorces, custody disputes, Post dissolution modification, child support issues, adopti
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Hi Flora,

I'm just following up with you to see how everything is going. Did my answer help?

Let me know,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i talked to you last week can i ask you a question

sure, what is the question?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

my husband moved out of our bedroom to next bedroom on 2004

and moved out 2006.i filled for divorce dec 2012.whatever he made

and bought after 2006 is mine or i told you before we were

married aug 1984

VA statute 20-107.3 states that valuation of the property would be as of the date of the last separation so since you separated in 2006 you would most likely not be entitled to anything income he made or debt he acquired after that date. I hope this helps clarify. I am signing off for tonight, so if there is a follow up you can post it and I will reply to it asap in the morning. Thanks again and kind regards.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we went to court jan 10 and judge said we were married in va 1989and

she did not recognize the Iranian marriage a legal one because was

not registered in va and i did not have any tax return from 1989 a to 2000

showing that business did not make any money and he lied and said

that from beginning he had 15 employee and he did massive advertising.

and judge said i have no evidence of how much business worth and

any other evidence of tax return,so i do not take any part of business.

do you think if i find the taxes we filled from 1989 and if i appeal

is it work or is waste of money.and how long i have time for appeal

the judge gave the house which has 500,000.00 loan on it .house

worth 1,400,000.00 ,so i have 900,000.00 in house and she gave me

18,000.00 a permanent alamoney. but i end up with 100,000.00

lawyers fee.and judge recognized 16 years of marriage not 29.and she

said that he was out of house from 2006.he paid 225,000.00 for my

lawyers total fee for lawyers came to 325,000.00.i am already

in dept 100, you think appealing works because i do not want

to end up with more debts.please advise immediately

Only you can decide if it is worth it to appeal. You can only appeal based on what you gave the judge. YOu cannot bring in new evidence in an appeal. If you find the tax returns or value of the business (your lawyer should have told you that was needed by the way) you can file a motion to reconsider with the judge if you find the evidence of what the business is worth. If the business is worth a lot it may be worth it to get the judge to reconsider the decision once you can find the evidence. You need to ask your lawyer how much time you have to ask the judge to reconsider. .Does this help clarify?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

by the law if you find the new evidence,can you open a new case

if i can i will try to do that and asked my lawyers but they do not

want open a new looks like all along they did not show my

case the way suppose to be.if i change lawyer can i bring new evidence

but i do not want also loose what i have.

That is definitely a question best addressed to a local attorney. you should consult a new attorney and discuss your case. Thanks and good luck.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

is there anyway i can find how many employee my husband had

when he opened his business on 1987


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