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The custodial mother of my step daughter (who is insured by

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The custodial mother of my step daughter (who is insured by my husband and I) wants a copy of our medical insurance card. The problem is the insurance card has information for our entire family on it such as indiviual ID information, name & doctors information. The insurance company does not print cards individually. We have already given copies of the insurance card to her primary care physician as well as dentist. How do I protect our personal information and oblige the mother? Is it a violation of our HIPAA rights to have to give her the card?

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will provide you information in this regard.

When you say the Mother "wants" it has not been court ordered that she have one, correct? And her need is in case of an emergency situation - correct?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
She has taken this to her case manager who has demanded that my husband provide card directly to case manager in person. What is court ordered is support and that he provide medical insurance.

Well, I suggest you write a letter to the case manager and explain that the insurance coverage is there as Ordered by the court and that there is other information on the medical card that no one should be privy to. That there are not individual cards issued for each of the insured.

Tell her that you will gladly write down the information on a sheet of paper as it pertains to the child. But you are not giving up the card with other family member's information without a Direct Court Order to do so.

State that you are in compliance with the Court Order, insurance coverage is provided and the doctors all have the insurance information

I suggest you mail that letter, with a copy to the case manager's supervisor, certified mail with a return receipt requested.

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