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I need to modify my parenting plan. It was filed in Washington

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I need to modify my parenting plan. It was filed in Washington state and I would like to transfer it to Oregon. Where do I get the forms? Is it the motion to change venue? Also, Does Washington state have a rebuttal for child support calculation that you can use the new spouses income in calculations like Oregon does?
While the new spouse's income has to be disclosed in WA, it is not used or part of the support calculation. You can modify a WA parenting Plan in OR if the child has been residing in OR for at least 6 months.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So, in Oregon as a rebuttal you can use the spouse's income. Are you saying that in WA there is not even an option to use the income? If the ex does not even work?


Also, do you know what forms I would find to transfer from wa to Or and then modify?

If the ex does not work ( chooses not to work) in WA the court will impute income to this parent based either on past earnings history or census date for income given their age and gender. For example, for a mother aged between 25-34 WA law says to impute a monthly net income to her of $2446 if she is voluntarily unemployed.

For OR to modify support the parent paying support would have to be a resident of OR. While OR can modify a WA parenting plan if the child has been there 6 months, OR doesn't have jurisdiction to modify support unless the paying parent is a resident there.

You don't transfer a WA Parenting Plan to OR. You file an OR petition to modify and attach a certified copy of the current WA parenting plan order.
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