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the defendant cancelled the Mandatory Settlement Conference

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the defendant cancelled the Mandatory Settlement Conference because the medical reason.
now the court moved the Mandatory Settlement Conference to the same day at 1:30 pm as the final status conference at 8:30 am. how can the final status conference before final status conference.
thank you
Hello again,

how can the final status conference before final status conference.

I think you mean to ask:

How can the Mandatory Settlement Conference be AFTER the Final Status Conference?

Easy - because nothing states that it has to be before.

A Final Status Conference is the last hearing for TECHNICAL issues before trial. It deals with things like numbering the exhibits, witness lists, time for each party to make the case, etc.

The Mandatory Settlement Conference is (referring to your earlier answer) a time to try to settle your case. Expect a volunteer (normally a retired Judge) to sit the two of you down and to negotiate a settlement of the dispute, but without making any decisions or orders in the case. If it is successful, then the matter is settled. If not, trial is then next.

Despite the name, the Final Status Conference does not have to be the last conference before trial. It is simply the last conference dealing with technical matters/ The Judge is at discretion to move the dates around as they deem fit. So the Mandatory Settlement Conference can sometimes be on the same day, or even later.

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