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Sorry I lost my connection. Can I file a civil action in the

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Sorry I lost my connection. Can I file a civil action in the state of Illinois for alienation of affection against my mother inlaw?

She and her daughter came to Co to my home when we they learned my husband had cancer. Upon arriving they tore my life upside down and promoted my husband to start a relationship. So now my husband has asked for a divorce is in an active relationship with a new women while living with me. My mother inlaw and sister inlaw also promoted my husband not work while in treatment, so now we have lost our live insurance policy are on cobra insurance and I have no ideal what are finances look like. And I was black balled while she was here and not allowed to know anything about his medical condition. I have talked to a divorce attorney who has advised me to take no action.
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Yes, you can sue your Mother In Law as the 3rd party who contributed to the demise of your marriage

You have to be able to prove 3 elements that:

1 - you had a marriage and shared a certain amount of love for each other

2 - the marriage was destroyed AND

3 - the 3rd party was a direct contributor to the demise

You do not have to show an intent to destroy, but only that the 3rd party engaged in behavior or acts that caused the destrucion

It sounds as if you have that

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what typeof attorney do I hire and how do I locate an attorney in IL


I suggest you begin consulting with a Family law attorney in your area and that you can use the IL Bar Association for a legal referral service

Here is a link for you to copy and paste into your browser


I need to make a correction and I apologize

If all of this occurred in Colorado then you cannot bring suit in IL unless some of her actions actually took place in IL

I apologize that I did not catch that this all happened in CO and was only looking at the Illinois Statute on Alienation of Affections.

Colorado does not recognize the Alienation Of Affections and you cannot sue in a state where there was no cause of action.