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S. Huband, Esq.
S. Huband, Esq., Attorney
Category: Family Law
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i live in chesapeake va my question is is there such a

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i live in chesapeake va my question is is there such a thing as anilment of a marraige here in chesapeake.

shuband :

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you. The answer is yes, annulment of marriage is permitted under Virginia Code 20-89.1. An annulment is granted when a marriage is void or voidable, i.e. unlawful, from the beginning. It is NOT granted when people become unhappy with each other.


my problem is we have not consumated our marraige. i have not slept with her since our marraige norhave i ever had sex with her at any time she would rather sleep with her girl friends

shuband :

When did the marriage take place?


19 october 2012

shuband :

Unfortunately, consummation is not required under modern law, only under common law. (The "old" English version of our laws.) So this would not be a grounds for annulment.


i guess there is not much a foolish 86 year old man like me can do i thought i could help her out medicallly by helping her with my pension benifits which i have. thanks you guys anyway

shuband :

I'm sorry. Don't be so hard on yourself. While you may not be able to annul, you could always divorce. It would probably be fairly straight forward if your finances are not co-mingled, you haven't bought property together, etc.

shuband :

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i already gave you a rating

Yes. My most recent message was to thank you for taking the time to rate my service.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thank you for your assistance i really appreaciate it your friend john

You're so welcome. Best wishes!