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Hello, I have just been served a notice for visitation from

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Hello, I have just been served a notice for visitation from my sons father. My son is 12 and he has not spent any time with his father since 2008. I've said all along that he can see him any time and I still feel this today. I am happy to go to court to put visitation in place, because my son needs and loves his father, who was a great father until he got married. His wife tried to control everything and I was told that if my son needed anything, I could no longer talk to the father I had to go through her. When I refused to do that, she started harrasing me. I've had to call the police on her several time and even get a restraining order against her. I even changed my cell phone number to keep her from constantly calling and starting trouble. My son mailed his father a Father's Day gift, she not only returned it to sender, she got a tracking number for it. Just to give you a idea of how mean she is. She has also been arrested in the past for child abuse. Can I specify to the courts that my son is never to be left alone with his step mother? I fear what she may do.
Rosalyn Williams.
If she has a history of child abuse, then yes, absolutely, you can request that she not take part in your son's visitations with his father. She has no legal right to see your son, and if there is a history of harassment between you and her, that should also serve as evidence that while your son should not be kept from his father, he also does not have to be subjected to step-wife.

Make sure you have all the necessary evidence to show her history of child abuse, and be prepared to offer unconventional methods of visitation, like allowing him to see the child on weeknights, if she's not around, etc.
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