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Your Resolved Question: Can a married women who is having an

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Your Resolved Question: Can a married women who is having an affair take another married who having an affair with her to court?

Brandon M. :

Hello there.

Brandon M. :

Thank you for your question. With few exceptions, courts are considered public forums and open to anyone who is interested in attending. Occasionally, there may be subject matter that would restrict who could be in attendance. For example, juvenile delinquency and juvenile dependency (CPS) court hearings are not open to the public. Another example might be where a prospective attendee has no legitimate purpose in attending and has a restraining order/protective order against them. The court may prohibit the public from attending in other cases where doing so could compromise the case or endanger a child.

However, the general rule is that anyone can attend any court hearing for any reason.

Brandon M. :

So, unless there is something special about the case or the circumstances, a married woman who is having an affair is free to have another married person having an affair with them into court.

Brandon M. :

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Brandon M. :

Did that make sense?

Customer: So this individual can take me to court for ending a relationship with her even tho she is married also
Brandon M. :

I apologize, but there may be some confusion. There is a difference between taking someone into court and bringing suit against someone. I thought you were talking about physically bringing someone into court, as a friend or for moral support, or just to watch.

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In Texas, it is not possible to sue someone for having an affair regardless of whether the plaintiff has had an affair. Suit for having extra-marital sexual relations is called "alienation of affections", and it is not possible to sue someone for that in Texas.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you for your answer.
This woman brother is a Police and Lawyer. She said she will subpoena the other individual I had a relationship with in Court. We both sign an agreement to discuss or tell anyone about the affair and I agreed to reimburse her 5000.00 for hotel expense. If anyone violate the agreement the other is subject to lawsuit and paying the other legal fee. She violated the agreement by making threats to me. It's in the agreement that she will not make threats to me or friends or family and me personlll
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
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