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Both parties are Pro Se in divorce case with kids. I need to

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Both parties are Pro Se in divorce case with kids. I need to respond to request for production and inspection of documents, however, the other parties is requesting documentation that he equally has access to by email and text msg correspondences between that we both have.

What phrase do I use to state my objection?

AttyCBradford :

If the other party is requesting information that is equally available to him, then you would OBJECT on the ground that the documents are equally available to the other party and therefore do not need to be produced

AttyCBradford :

the exact language would be: "OBJECTION: Propounding party is seeking documents that are equally available to propounding party." Further, you could object that is is unduly burdensome as they documents are available to the other party as well

AttyCBradford :

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thank you

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

On the other question that were helping with, I was still needing any answer but the system doesn't allow me to type in the chat screen so that I can clarify that I still need that question answered. Not sure what to do...

sure which questions?