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I had my civil court case yesterday,the judge made his recommendation

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I had my civil court case yesterday,the judge made his recommendation on a parenting plan, and had the order to be written out,by the other party and be sent to me to sign and then send it back to the other party, to have the judge sign the decree. Question I have,, do I have to sign the parenting plan, and what happens if I don't agree, and don't sign the final orders.

My name is XXXXX XXXXX I'd be happy to answer your questions today.

It depends on what you're being asked to sign and why. If you're only being asked to show receipt and acknowledgment of the document, it has to be signed. If you refuse to sign it, the judge can order you to do it - and then hold you in contempt of court if you don't. What that means is that he can fine you or put you in jail until you sign, if he really wants to (although I would hope that he wouldn't).

Look at what you received. If it doesn't accurately reflect what the judge says, you can object. Also look to see if the signature line is stating that you agree to the contents of the order, rather than that you agree that it's what the judge says. If it says that you're agreeing to the change by signing, you don't have to agree to that. You can change it to state that you disagree with the judge's rulings but will abide by them - even if that just means crossing things out and writing over them before you sign.
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