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Okay I met my husband as an escort. Two years later we got

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Okay I met my husband as an escort. Two years later we got married, I never stop escorting just the other day I got busted and now we're talking about divorce can that be brought up in court and if so what will happen then

Steven Kincaid :

Thank you for allowing me to assist you.

Steven Kincaid :

Adultery is an immediate ground for divorce in Louisiana so it could be used to expedite the divorce. What other issues are you concerned about? Is there property to divide or are there children of the marriage? Is either spouse seeking support?

Customer: Even he knew about me doing it? We're running a home I own two cars he owns a boat and truck & the five years that we have been together you have supported me we have been married three years out of five. So he's telling me that I won't get anything. Is that true?
Customer: I meant even if he knew about it the whole time
The fact that he knew that you used to be an escort makes no difference. But how long has it been since the conviction for escorting?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It's not used to he know that up until the day I got caught up in a sting. haven't gotten convicted yet it happened just last Thursday. But the whole time he knew that I was doing it. that's how we met
A person cannot consent to the adultery of the other spouse in Louisiana and waive the right to raise that as a divorce ground. If after proof of adultery, he stayed with you for a considerable amount of time without intending to divorce you, then he may have waived his right to divorce based on that act of adultery. Each time there is a new act of adultery, however, he has the right to use that act as a ground for divorce unless he waives that right by remaining in the marriage.
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