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In the process of divorce, according to the law and according

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In the process of divorce, according to the law and according to the legal process, under the discovery phase, what I can do if my husband didn't want to reveal any financial status out of the country and show my anything financial documents out of the country? He only wants to share the money and property in U.S., but not sharing anything out of country. He has a house sold out of the country, however, his family did the sell for him without his authorization and his present. He told me that when his mom passed away 5 years ago out side of U.S. he didn't inherit anything, he told me that he has very little money in the bank out side of the country. I remember he has a land under his name outside of the country, but he said he didn't. I don't have any financial information regarding his house, property, bank outside of the country so I won't know if he is telling the true. Does he need to provide evidence? But, if he said he didn't have a land, he didn't have inheritance, how can he proof something he doesn't have?

Thank you for your question. Please allow me to assist you again.

If your husband is refusing to abide by discovery requirements, you have the right and the ability to go to court and seek a formal subpoena, essentially requesting that the judge demand the records. Then if he fails, you could seek contempt of court charges which could get the other party admonished, fined, or even jailed. As for an inheritance, under PA law anything inherited if not brought into the marriage remains separate--so if he has an inheritance, he does not legally have to share it with you. But you can most definitely seek his outside holdings and see whether or not they are marital or separate property.

Good luck.

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