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I had a terrible experience with my lawyer. My lawyer instructed

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I had a terrible experience with my lawyer. My lawyer instructed me last before a court ordered temporary child support and spousal support to place money into joint bank account for my wife to withdraw funds. In addition she instructed me to allow my wife to use the credit card. My attorney told me that she has worked out a deal with my wife's lawyer whereby if I do so that I would be given credit for child support and spousal support once the temporary order was set.

Subsequently my wife fired her attorney and then hired a new one. The new one states that I owe my wife 1 months child support and spousal support. However the funds that my wife used that my attorney instructed me to make available for my wife was much more than the support payments for that month.

I informed my attorney that she stated to me that she had worked out an agreement with my wife's previous attorney but now my attorney is playing dumb like she doesn't remember such. My attorney throughout this whole process has been completely sloppy and I believe even dishonest. Now my attorney has filed motion to withdraw. For quite sometime she's been trying to quit because I'm guessing she feels in order to squeeze any additional money from me she has to do better.

How can I resolve this?
Frankly, I'd allow your attorney to withdraw. To agree to such an arrangement without some sort of written proof that this arrangement was entered into was foolish on your attorney's part. Just because she entered into this agreement with another attorney did not bind this new attorney or even your wife, to the agreement your attorney had made with your wife's previous attorney.

I do believe it can be resolved, if you show the Judge (if it gets to that point) that you made available funds for your wife's use. If your attorney withdraws, you can also send proof (bank statements, credit card statements) to your wife's new attorney that your wife had use of funds over and above what would have been ordered for spousal support. If you have any evidence (written, email, etc) of your attorney advising you of this agreement, that would also be useful to show a Judge.
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