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LADY LAWYER, Family Law Attorney
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my retired Vet husband divorced me after 13 years so i could

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my retired Vet husband divorced me after 13 years so i could not get the home he was buying for himself while we were seperated. with promise to remarry to keep things the same. remarried aprox. 1 year later after i became disabled from work injury,so i would have medical insurance for the surgery. moved me out of my home into his to take care of me again. just as promised with 1st marrage. after aprox 3 months started fights with me and said i could move out of his home if i didnt like what he had to say. after 2 times, i left. i now sleep on an air matress on a familys home. i cant get my home back. now he is divorcing me again still with no allamony or any financial help at all. is there any thing i can do

LADY LAWYER : Hello, Thanks for choosing! I look forward to helping you today. Please give me a moment to review your question and to answer you.
LADY LAWYER : Have you requested pendente lite support (temporary alimony) or permanent alimony from the court?
LADY LAWYER : What did you do with your home? Sell it?

no request for alimony yet.


the home belonges to my nephew. he purchased it for me. so i would never have to move again. he rented itto some one else

LADY LAWYER : Okay, thank you.

husband wanted me in his home instead of mine

LADY LAWYER : You may absolutely ask for temporary support while the divorce is ongoing, and you may ask for permanent support so you can get alimony after the divorce is finalized.
LADY LAWYER : because he did this, and you relied on his promise, the court may make him go find another place, even if the home is his separate property
LADY LAWYER : This would only be temporary, until you were able to find a place of your own or could get back in your home after the renters moved out.
LADY LAWYER : Has he filed the divorce petition yet?
LADY LAWYER : Are you represented by an attorney?

wow ok. do i loose the VA benifits he promised me. yes he petitioned for an anulment. icant afford attorney

LADY LAWYER : What did he petition for annulment on the grounds of? This will likely be denied by the judge unless he is claiming there was some sort of fraud involved.

im disabled. the workcomp went bankrup

LADY LAWYER : No, you will not lose his VA benefits but you need to ask the judge for them. Don't go on any of your spouse's promises.
LADY LAWYER : Okay. In that case, I need to get you the info for legal aid, which is free legal representation.
LADY LAWYER : IR would be for a divorce, not an annulment.
LADY LAWYER : That sounds right.
LADY LAWYER : what part of CA are you in?


LADY LAWYER : Thank you.
LADY LAWYER : Legal Services of Northern California - Sacramento Office (Serves Sacramento County)515 - 12th Street (map)Sacramento, CA 95814Phone916-551-2150Fax916-551-2196Websitehttp:[email protected]
LADY LAWYER : Hope you can read that. It all stuck together.
LADY LAWYER : Also, you can contact the Voluntary Legal Services Program at(NNN) NNN-NNNN

you are awesome

LADY LAWYER : Well I really want to see you get some support. That's not right what he's done.
LADY LAWYER : If you need anything else, please just let me know. Appreciate you I hope I have provided you with excellent service tonight and that your rating might be a reflection of that. Thanks again!

i learned a big lesson from this. thank you so much. you just dont know how much

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