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-All assets are in her possession. When I left the house back

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-All assets are in her possession. When I left the house back in Jan 2012 I left with a small bag. 2 months ago she finally released some of my clothing but kept all my personal belongings. (Charles has the list)

-bank accounts, cash in hand, expensive jewelry, watches , diamonds etc.

-her mother has all our money in an Ameritrade trust account. Cash in safe over a million dollars.

-she recently traded in our Range Rover 2007 $50k for a G550 $100k.

Restraining order

mmdesq :

Good Morning:

mmdesq :

Even though you did not take property at the time you left does not mean you gave up your interest in the property.

mmdesq :

Wife will need to account for all property that was in both of your control at the time of separation.

mmdesq :

You issue will be trying to prove what you both had, i.e. personal property list, bank account statements, Ameritrade statements, diamonds, etc. Items like diamonds and cash will be difficult to prove without a receipt or record establishing the funds. I would suspect your wife will either deny the million dollars was in the safe or she will claim you took it with you. Either way you should consider file a Motion to obtain a non-disapation order so she can not continue to sell or hide assets. You should also file a motion immediately seeking that Mother-in-law turn over the Ameritrade account. You need to hire competent family law attorney as there are significant assets worth fighting for based on your description. I hope this helps. Good Luck.

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