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My ex wife has custodial custody of my 2 daughters which I

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My ex wife has custodial custody of my 2 daughters which I see every weekend. I have a girlfriend I have introduced them to abt 2 months ago. Since then things have been crazy with their mother and the constant nasty and harrassing texts are getting out of hand, she has even sent ugly messages via Facebook to my girlfriend stating the children do not like her and cruel things abt me. Just this last week there was an accusation that my girlfriend sent a mean text abt my oldest daughter( which I adopted during my marriage) to my ex wife's phone but somehow my daughter read it. My oldest is now telling me she is not coming over to my house unless I break up with my girlfriend. My youngest is neutral in the situation and came over this weekend. I am mostly concerned that this will effect my youngest(biological) daughter if this behavior continues by her mother. My girlfriend just received 6 missed calls and a voicemail from my daughter that she needs to leave her dad alone and quit wrecking our family. Every time i meet to exchange the kids with their mother, she makes a nast comment or wants to argue in front of them. This is getting so out of hand I don't even know what to do to stop this! What do I need to do to protect my relationship with my children from this?

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you with your concerns.

This is absolutely terrible and I am sorry that you are going through it. It also happens to be something Georgia family courts fight against, as what you are describing is considered to be 'parental alienation' and an intentional attempt to harm you and your relationship with your children. I would suggest very strongly you consider going to court and file a motion to compel that the other party stop such communication with you and that she stop affecting your relationship. In addition you and your girlfriend can also legitimately consider a restraining order against the mother for harassment, and demand that she no longer communicate directly with your girlfriend or her agents as that type of communication is both unwelcome and offensive. You may also want to at least consider filing in court for a modification of custody and a demand for better rights based on her behavior and her affecting how the children are now being raised.

Good luck.

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